We're collecting presets and working on a browser-based patch editor. In the meantime, here is a simple list of preset banks.

NOTE: Replacing the preset bank will replace your patterns as well!

Manual preset install instructions

  1. Hold the right encoder down while plugging the USB cable into your Plinky.
  2. Plinky will show up as an attached drive and you should see the "tunnel of lights" effect on the LEDs.
  3. Drag and drop PRESETS.uf2 to the drive. Make sure that it's called PRESETS.uf2 and nothing else.
  4. If you're adding samples, drag and drop the SAMPLE1.uf2, SAMPLE2.uf2, etc. that you might have over to the drive as well.
  5. While flashing, the LEDs will flicker. This is normal.
  6. While you're changing banks, it's a good time to also update your firmware to the latest version! Just download the file and drag and drop while you've got Plinky hooked up.
  7. To finish, just click the encoder again. Plinky will boot up and your presets should be present.