We're collecting presets and working on a browser-based patch editor. In the meantime, here is a simple list of preset banks.

NOTE: Replacing the preset bank will replace your patterns as well!

Manual preset install instructions

To upload these presets:

  • Unplug all cables from Plinky
  • Connect a USB cable to your Plinky
  • Do not power from Eurorack at the same time, and use only one USB port
  • Hold down the encoder (rightmost knob), and plug the USB cable into your computer

Plinky will show up as a drive and you should see the "tunnel of lights" effect on Plinky's LEDs.

  • If you want a backup of your Plinky before replacing the presets, copy the content of the Plinky drive to a folder on your PC.
  • Drag and drop PRESETS.uf2 to the drive. Make sure the file is called PRESETS.uf2 - do not rename.
  • Drag and drop SAMPLE0.uf2, SAMPLE1.uf2 .. SAMPLE7.UF2, up to 8 files. You will have to copy them one by one, one after the other.

While flashing, the LEDs will flicker. This is normal.

  • While you're changing banks, it's a good time to also update your firmware to the latest version! Download the file and drag and drop it to the Plinky drive.
  • To finish, just click the encoder again. Plinky will boot up and your presets should be present.

No tunnel of lights on Plinky?

  • Double check that all 5 Encoder pins are soldered. The side with 2 pins is the switch for the "click".

USB drive not showing up?

  • Make sure your cable can transmit data. Try another cable.
  • Mac M1 / M2 users on MacOS 14 follow these steps
  • Linux users follow these steps