Play guide

Here's a collection of videos to walk you through of the main workflow for playing plinky, editing patches, and recording samples.

Make sure you use the latest firmware. Please also use the online manual as an extend reference.

We have a small discord server where a friendly community is discussing all things plinky. Feel free to join!

Play Guide Videos

Here's Alex' feature walkthrough of Plinky. Learn about the main workflow, editing patches, and recording samples.

This video is Loopops in-depth review for Plinky's release. Ziv walks you through the entire fuctionality in a video manual.

Patch Tutorials

Meska, musician with Statik Collective and member of the Plinky Discord, has created a number of great patch explainers for his YouTube channel. Meska's patches sound fantastic, arriving at expressive sounds through creative use of Plinky's parameter space.

Draft Manual (PDF)

For the sake of completion, here is a link to the very first draft manual. It's still a great read even though a couple of details have changed since then.