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General first-timers

What is the blinking light at the top left?

That is the current step indicator of the sequencer. It blinks in time to the BPM.

Where is the LPF?

You can change the LPF under "Sensitivity". It is tied to the pressure sensitivity by default.

Can I save presets?

Yes! Just hold the preset button (the paper icon) and the lights on the left are your presets. Hold to save.

How about sequences?

Yes! Same deal, the lights on the right are sequences when you hold the preset button.


What sampling rate is Plinky running at?

Plinky runs at 32kHz stereo.

Oscillator shapes

When looking at the SHAPE option, you can sweep through several waveforms:

  • Below 0 (-100% to 0%) are algorithmic oscillator modes (sine, saw, square).
  • At 0, the mode is a pure supersaw.
  • Above 0 (0% to +100%) you can find a wavetable constructed by sampling a Polivoks synthesizer running through a Sherman Filterbank, sampled through an API 512c preamp and 550A EQ into RME A/D.

Modulation is locked at these 3 stages relative to the base value. For example, if you set the base value above 0 and assign an LFO to the shape, the LFO will cause a sweep through the wavetable modes. At 0, modulation will affect the supersaw. Below 0, it will sweep through the algorithmic oscillator.

Tech specs

What is the CPU in Plinky?

It's a STM32l476VGT6 (or 475).