Plinky is an 8-voice polyphonic touch synthesiser that specialises in fragile, melancholic sounds.

It fits into 24HP eurorack cases, but can also be played as a standalone desktop mini-synth over CV or MIDI, with line-level stereo input and a headphone output, all powered by USB.

When is it available?

Plinky is now fully open source! V3 is becoming available as DIY and ready-made kits at Thonk and Schneidersladen. Or you can make your own!

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Plinky design


The latest firmware version is 0.A1 released on 2024-03-15.


Building your Plinky is part of the fun, and easy!

How to play

Got your Plinky working? Great! Go here to learn how to play it.


Read the Plinky manual.